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WOC Tour

WOC Tour, with 6 races, is arranged in co-operation with WOC2020. Three sprint races will take place in the same areas where the WOC2020 athletes are challenged. These will be supplemented by three thrilling forest races in the best and most demanding terrains in the region.

WOC Tour is arranged in the very heart of Denmark. Three fantastic and versatile cities, Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle hosts the competitions. They all have old historic city centers with a cobweb of backyards, alley ways and smaller streets and they represent the beginning of the danish history with a lot culture.

We aim to deliver fantastic orienteering races, but we also hope you’ll have a great time while you’re here. You can visit our two UNESCO sites or have fun at LEGOLAND, dine at one of our Michelin-starred restaurants, or simply enjoy yourself at the beach.

The competitions are arranged so you can enjoy your vacation, compete in beautiful areas and follow the elite.

We also offer a WOC Campsite where you can stay with your family, friends and club.