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The WOC2020 organising team warmly welcomes you to the 2018 edition of Euromeeting. It has become a tradition that WOC organisers two years in advance of their event invite the athletes to participate in Euromeeting. This gives the athletes an opportunity to see, feel and taste some of the expected challenges they will meet two years later. This years’ version of Euromeeting will not let you down! Our WOC2020 mapper and course setters are ready to prepare interesting and challenging orienteering for you, just like they will in two years. We have also prepared a program with the very same competition formats – Mixed sprint relay, Knockout sprint and traditional sprint. Last but not least, these competitions will be held in WOC relevant terrains.

On behalf of the organising team, Flemming Jørgensen, Competition Director, WOC2020.

Location and Venue

Euromeeting 2018 will take place in the Triangle Region located in the central part of Denmark. The Triangle Region will also host the World Orienteering Championships in 2020, so Euromeeting will be a perfect opportunity to see what awaits in 2020. The core of the region is defined by the three triangle towns Fredericia, Kolding and Vejle. The Triangle Region has some of the country’s most scenic spots and access to a coastline of more than 240 km. The area is rich in history and culture and comprise two UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of these sites – Christiansfeld – will host the traditional sprint competition.

The venue, the event centre and the main location for accommodation will be in Kolding at Danhostel Kolding.


Friday 21 September
10:00 Model Event/Training
13:00 Team Officials Meeting, Danhostel Kolding
16:00 Sprint Relay, Kolding N
Saturday 22 September
09:00 Qualification, Knockout Sprint, Kolding N
15:00 Finals, Knockout Sprint, Assens
20:00 Social Dinner, Danhostel Kolding
Sunday 23 September
10:00 Sprint, Christiansfeld

Danhostel Kolding

Maps and terrain

All maps are drawn or revised in 2018 by the WOC2020 mapper Gediminas Trimakas.
ISSOM 2007, scale 1:4000, contour interval 2.5 m.

Assens has previously been used for orienteering. The map of Assens can be found here.

Sprint Relay and Knockout Qualification, (Kolding North):

The sprint relay and the knockout qualification will take place in the northern part of Kolding. The competitors will mainly meet residential areas composed apartment buildings and single family houses, but they will also meet areas with public buildings. The ground will be a mixture of grass and hard surface. The altitude difference is about 30 m in the area. The area will offer decisive route choice orienteering.

Knockout finals, (Assens):

The finals of the knockout competition will take place in Assens, which is an old town located at the SW coast of Funen. The competition terrain will include a complex old town area with intricate backyards and narrow alleyways. In the sub-urban parts it will include modern residential areas with apartment buildings, but also public buildings. The area is nearly flat, and the ground will mainly be hard. We will offer technically demanding sprint orienteering.

Sprint (Christiansfeld):

The Sprint will be held in the town of Christiansfeld, which is an UNESCO World heritage site – founded in 1773 by the Moravian Church. The road network is symmetrically constructed and to a large degree paved with cobblestones. The competition terrain will include the old town area with some backyards and narrow passages between townhouses. In the modern part of the town, the athletes will meet areas of parkland and lawns with extensive path networks, but also areas with public buildings and single family houses. This terrain will offer a mixture of technically demanding orienteering and route choice orienteering.


Directors: Per Eg Pedersen and Flemming Jørgensen (
IT: Anders Dalgaard, Thomas Gabs
Arena: Claus Lyngby
Speaking: Erling Thisted

Course setting: WOC2020 course setting team
Mapping: WOC2020 mapper, Gediminas Trimakas (GT maps)
Event adviser, controller: Troels Christiansen

Classes and entry regulation


Euromeeting 2018 is an open event for national teams with classes for men (M21) and women (W21) in the individual competitions and a mixed gender class (W21-M21-M21-W21) in the sprint relay. Euromeeting will be organised in connection with local public competitions.

Entry and deadlines:

June 1st National teams must inform their intention to participate by e-mail; with an expected number of participants and relay teams.
August 19th Final entries and payment.

A filled Entry Form must be sent to

Entry fee:

Competitors: 250 DKK per individual competition, 250 DKK per leg in relay teams.
Team-representatives: 250 DKK
A 50 % surcharge will be added to late entries.

Account owner: WOC2020/Danish Orienteering-Federation
Bank: Spar Nord
Bank Account No.: 9385 1110076912
IBAN: DK8493851110076912
All bank costs must be covered by the payer.

Foto: Frode N Madsen

Embargoed areas

All Euromeeting 2018 competition areas are strictly embargoed (competitors, team officials, and other persons, who, through knowledge of the terrain may influence the results of the competition, are not allowed to enter an embargoed area). Link to embargoed areas:

Embargoed Areas

Please be aware not to access the neighbouring embargoed areas for WOC2020, when traveling around in Kolding.


For accommodation we recommend Danhostel Kolding, where the event centre also will be located and the social dinner will be held. Danhostel Kolding has 28 rooms with 117 beds. For more information about facilities, please consult their website:

Booking must be done through the Euromeeting organisers by sending an e-mail to: Rooms are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Prices per person, Danhostel Kolding:

Friday afternoon – Sunday morning:
In rooms for 2 persons: 1,030 DKK
In rooms for 4 persons: 930 DKK
In rooms for 6 persons: 880 DKK
Thursday afternoon – Sunday morning: Prices as above + 415 DKK.
The prices cover full board (including lunch box Sunday), social dinner Saturday evening, and bed linens and towels.

Participation in social dinner without accommodation: 150 DKK.
For special requests (e.g. booking with less persons per room) please ask when booking.

We can also recommend accommodation at Scandic Hotel Kolding. This is to be booked on your own. Use the code D000042201 when booking and you will get a discounted price or book directly at: scandichotel/D000042201

Training opportunities

Model Event

A model event will be held between 10:00 and 12:00 on the first day. This will include control flags and a suggested course on a map drawn by the Euromeeting/WOC2020 mapper.

Training maps

Training maps will be available; please contact us on e-mail:


GPS-tracking: On all races, selected runners will be carrying GPS-devices.
Punching system: Touch-free SPORTident Air+ punching system will be used at all competitions.
On-line results will be available.

Travel information and transport

Billund Airport is the most convenient airport only 45 km from the venue.
Hamburg or Copenhagen Airports are large airports 220 and 240 km from the venue in Kolding.

Distance from Danhostel Kolding to:

Sprint relay arena: max 2 km
Knockout Qualification arena: max 2 km
Knockout Finals arena: 60 km (45-50 min by car)
Sprint arena: 17 km (15-20 min by car)

There will be no transport services at the event.

Schedule for further information

Bulletin 2 will be published 2-3 weeks before the event. All Euromeeting 2018 information and material will be published on the WOC2020 website (